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ProxCity is a proximity marketing system that personally connects and pinpoints delivery of retail incentive rewards or coupons globally in real-time to targeted mobile phones. Statistics have indicated that mobile phone advertising can extract double digit redemption rates compared to 2% for much more expensive traditional print advertising. ProxCity's IMPACT ZONE "push and pulse" technology finds your customer unlike traditional SMS texting and delivers high resolution MMS images tailored to the preferences volunteered by the customer member. Unique to ProxCity, our web based backend system allows business clients to control content input and manage performance of the reward delivery throughout its sales cycle in real-time. Targeted marketing "where and when you need it" to impact the buying decision at the location desired by both buyer and seller.


Business Client Value Proposition

  • Competitive advantage for businesses heavily invested in retail advertising or communications
  • Targeted proximity communications and advertising
  • Real-time capture of consumers "on the go"
  • "Anywhere" delivery of valued retail reward incentives
  • Delivered on-site at the decision point of sale
  • Powerful influence and impact on buying decisions
  • Create once and play everywhere at no added cost
  • "Green" paperless approach driving cost, waste, and fuel savings
  • Digital not physical storage of offers and elements
  • Create a mobile web site and expand ad rate card
  • Take control of your ads and updates in real-time via flexible web based management tools
  • Measure performance and effectives in real-time
  • Revenue generation at a low cost


Customer Member Value Proposition

  • Real-time delivery of valued communication (reward) at the time most desired –"the IMPACT ZONE"
  • Content delivered "any way you want it" via MMS media, email, web, SMS text, print etc
  • Relevant information received customized by individual customer, product, and location.
  • Mobile smartphone application filtered by customer preferences and desired content information.
  • "Green" environmentally friendly advertising eliminating destruction of trees, paper waste, and fuel consumption found with print and direct mail.


Proximity Marketing vs. Traditional Media

  • Real-time delivery of dynamic and interactive content to a targeted location at the most desired time for both the seller and receptive consumer to build a relationship.
  • Client on-demand access and management control of the communication process to protect their brand or message.
  • Elimination of traditional media constraints like advance scheduling and space, form, or time specifications so you can customize promotions "when, where, how, and as you wish".
  • Relationship marketing delivering digital content in any desired form including images, photos, video, and voice.
  • Relevant dynamic content customized by location, delivery schedule, quantity, limits, day-part, run-time, expiration, etc.
  • Near real-time performance reporting of daily statistics and other metrics so that strategies can be adjusted "on-the-fly"


Live Stats and Analytics

Get a breakdown of the traffic that is around your business in real time. Also, all rewards redeemed would be shown in your administrative area so you can track the effectiveness of your rewards. You get to:

  • Measure total coupon delivery in and around impact zone.
  • Dynamically track the amount of coupons that are delivered, rejected and redeemed.
  • Measure the effect from changes to the quality of the rewards in order to establish the optimal level of incentives for the time of the day, week of the month etc.
  • Measure the traffic within your impact zone.



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