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Technology Overview

ProxCity, Inc. has developed sophisticated patent pending technology for the purpose of leading edge proximity marketing and communications. Using GPS, BLUETOOTH, and MEMBER PULSE, we are able to determine where customer members are located globally. Based on location, we are able to deliver content like general information, reward incentives, secure coupons with barcode, event schedules, alert notices, and tour content including video to mobile devices in ProxCity's IMPACT ZONE.

What's a ProxCity IMPACT ZONE? Simply stated it is the specific geographic territory that our engineers design around your business venue. So when customer members enter into a one mile radius of the IMPACT ZONE epicenter, they are able to receive and view the content and communications managed by the business client. The content and communications can even be delivered inside a facility where some cell phones may not receive a signal. The bottom line, once a customer member initializes their smartphone by downloading the free application from the smartphone's respective app marketplace, they become an active PROXCITY MEMBER capable of interactive communication with the business client while in the IMPACT ZONE. Using ProxCity's "push" technology both the consumer and seller don't have to do anything else other than build the customized proximity driven relationship.

ProxCity's smartphone applications cover approximately 85% of the worldwide marketplace and are phone specific; working across all the major service providers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The application can be downloaded directly from the following sites by typing the word "ProxCity":

  • Droid's Market
  • iPhone App Store
  • Blackberry's App World
  • Windows Mobile Marketplace



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