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The ProxCity app technology uses advanced location services, and our unique SmartSenseTM system to determine your mobile device's location, where we can optimally push you information.   From this information, we are able to deliver content like general information about your surroundings, high-end incentives, secure coupons with barcode, event schedules, alert notices, and self guided tour content to your device when you enter our patent pending ProxCity IMPACTZONETM.

TM? Simply stated, it is the specific geographic area that is designed around the participating business venues or geographic locations such as State Parks, National Monuments, and College Campuses. So when you enter into an IMPACTZONETM, you are able to receive and view the content and other communications provided by the surrounding businesses and other partner organizations.

Designed for businesses specifically in retail, food service, live venues, tourism and event promotions. 

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